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Mezos Ban 28/05/2013

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Mezos Ban 28/05/2013

Post by Lee on Tue May 28, 2013 6:46 pm

LAST NAME: [Mezo] Mezo
UNIQUE ID: nknBIGXk0f4clCAu3aTF7M9bFxw=
CREATED: 28/05/213 - 19:43:00 (GMT -00:00)
REASON: Mezo joined "2007 members chat 3" where i was active and speaking to
rigon. Rigon mentioned how annoyed he had become with the random events
on runescape 2007. Mezo said how he thought they had been removed and
how there are so many bots in runescape now, he then went on to explain
" Bots are pointless anyway, you can pay some Chinese dude to level
up your account for about 50 bucks anyway"

I informed mezo that he should not be talking like that in this
server as it is breaking the rules. He then continued to talk about
it, saying how he knows a website that supplies a cheap service for
account leveling. I told him again, Mezo you have broken the same rule twice
now stop it and do not advertise these sort of websites.

He laughed and said "I'm not advertising a website because it's not
mine i don't own it do I?"

I pulled him down to Solo-Ians room and asked for ian to explain the rules
to mezo as ian is higher authority and hopefully mezo would understand
what he had done wrong. I could not get in touch with ian so contacted
chunkys phone to come and deal with the situation.

BAN TIME: Temp for 7 days.
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Re: Mezos Ban 28/05/2013

Post by Chunky on Tue May 28, 2013 6:50 pm

Thank-you for this Report Lee, Banned and Extended to 7 days.
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