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Amy's Ban 12/05/13

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Amy's Ban 12/05/13

Post by Chunky on Sun May 12, 2013 5:28 pm

Banned Member: A JTI Y
Unique ID: cXVyDvvqzpcv6zmfjNDo6VQ6v+4=
Creation Time: 12/05/13
Expiration Time: 26/05/13
Invoker Name: Myself and Mits
T.S Ban Reason:

Chunky's Turn of Events (Quoted by myself)

I returned to teamspeak after having some damn good cheese cake, to have a report on my screen from Mits about a situation that happened while I was away. Between Amy and Jon. From what I understand Jon asked Kyle to not talk about drugs as he was saying hes about to go roll/smoke a "Square". I took Amy down to a room and wanted an explanation of what has happened. She explained almost the same as what Jon said and I backed Jon by saying NO Drugs should be spoken about. Period. She was like well what's wrong with it. I said PERIOD no talking about drugs. She got mad and left the private channel we was in. She went into a room that Mits was in and said "Alright a Vote for Mits to leave the channel because I don't like him" which I said was unacceptable. She then decided to call me a d**k and abuse myself and leave again. After all this I decided I have gave her enough chances and banned her for one week.

Jons Turn of events

amy was like what is the big deal about talk about drugs  i was like is not allowed to be talked about on this  teamspeak and she like  it just weed who care about talk about weed

Mits Turn of events

When Mits came online A JTl Y was in some sort of situation with k.v slim regarding illegal narcotics and the rules of our server. More problems arose and DrHilariousPhD and Brad dealt with them as Mits stayed back due to prior incidents. Later on around 13:14 she came into the channel and asked if the channel wanted to vote Mits out of the channel. No one made a comment and Chunky said "Mits will not be leaving this channel" she continued to argue with Chunky and then stated that "Chunky you are a d**k".
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Re: Amy's Ban 12/05/13

Post by Brad on Sun May 12, 2013 5:43 pm

I share her opinion that people should be able to freely talk about what they want in a private channel, but seeing as we were in a public channel, it was unacceptable to continue bringing up illegal drugs. Regardless of the situation, any discussion of illegal drugs is against the rules on our server.
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