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Banned Sausage

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Banned Sausage

Post by Chunky on Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:28 pm

I Banned Sausagechelx as he firstly did this -

<17:15:25> "[Head server admin]asuagechelx" is now known as "[Head server admin]asuagechlx"

Which then Followed this -
<17:15:58> "[Head server admin]sasuagechlx" was kicked from the server by "Chunky" (NO)

When he joined back he decided to poke me saying I am a scammer -
<17:16:56> "Sasuagechelx" pokes you: why did u scamzeroe

I took him to one side, asked him why he would say that, apparently I scammed him of his HSA Rank, he then asked where Ladyfireball was, I said Demoted and Banned, He asked was it me? I said I was involved, yes. He then said he was going to DOS the server, I then continued to say (and I quote) *(Laugh) haha good luck and gooooood fight*

<17:18:02> "Sasuagechelx" was banned permanently from the server by "Chunky" (Troll, Threat to DOS Server after Saying LFB was Banned and Demoted))
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