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Ban on Sparky

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Ban on Sparky

Post by Chunky on Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:58 pm

Ban Issued by Myself, Glabay and Tempt.

Sparky was breaking rules while Tempt was in the room, He first had a picture of illegal substances as his avatar. He removed as per request of Tempt. After that he was talking about big black woman and how tempt isn't one which he then was kicked from the server by tempt as he was not showing respect.

Once he joined back he then had a Hissy fit in a public channel towards Tempt and her decision, this is where me and Glabay became involved. We brought Sparky down and straight away started hating on Tempt. He was issued a 7 day ban for the above reasons and the dis respect he caused.
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