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redman1111 hr banned

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redman1111 hr banned

Post by tempt-tress on Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:58 pm

redman1111 was raging. was warned by casey to watch his language, then he continued , i banned for 1 hour,,, i also warned rayyan was given a strict warning about saying the n------ word, or any type or form of the word. and he seem to understand , u will see reds conversation, and me pulling rayyan to privet room and agreeing to the warning.

13:43:13> "redman1111(The UnTalkable)": I WANT TO PLAY RS f**k OFF
<13:43:18> "tempt-tress": lusts new name is lusty
<13:43:22> "rayyan": L0L
<13:43:30> "rayyan": REDMAN MAD REDMAN SAD
<13:43:36> "rayyan": jk lol
<13:43:38> "rayyan": ^^
<13:44:25> "redman1111(The UnTalkable)": F**K O*F?
<13:44:47> "redman1111(The UnTalkable)": i cant cut it out?
<13:45:30> "rayyan": can i say nikker i mean i grew up with black people and they call me the n word all the time
<13:45:58> *** You are now talking in channel: "Clan Private Meeting Room!"
<13:46:11> "rayyan": yes alright got it
<13:46:17> "rayyan": yh
<13:46:21> "rayyan": Very Happy
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Re: redman1111 hr banned

Post by Chunky on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:48 am

Redman has been spoke to after the ban by myself. I had strict words with him and he seemed apologetic so that's sorted.

As far as Rayyan goes, Next time he steps out of line, myself or another admin will deal with him.

Thanks for this post Tempt.
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