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Connecting onto your phone but it says blacklisted

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Connecting onto your phone but it says blacklisted

Post by Sirlumbrige on Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:17 pm

Hi guys! This topic is if your Teamspeak application on your phone/tablet states that the server is blacklisted. To solve this problem you have to reset the data on the application on your phone for this teamspeak.

1. Back-up your identities onto your computer
2. Delete the teamspeak application on your phone
3. Reinstall teamspeak via app store/android store, etc
4. Transfer your identities back on to your phone. Here is the link to the back-up identities topic: http://www.arsrealm.com/t328-ts3-identity-backup-guide
5. Connect to the Server address ts98.light-speed.com:4101

And Voila your teamspeak application should be fixed if you have any additional questions ask myself or Solo-Ian/Chunky
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