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Penguin Event

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Penguin Event

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:59 pm

Name of event: Penguins

Date / Days event will take place: Sat 5th March

Time of day that event will be held: 10:00pm (GMT+0)

Special requirements (ie lvls or items required): Obviously I wont know what the penguins are as of yet but if you have the following items you should bring them with you (tele set (law, air, water, fire, earth), games necklace, dueling ring, water skins/ tiara, monkey gree gree, elf crystal if you gots, broomstick, lyre, ectophail, or any other items that will help you get around the map)

World the event will be taking place in:60

Where to meet up for event:Grand Exchange

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