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Post by Solo-Ian on Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:51 pm

If you read the rules you should already know this is OFF LIMITS on this server. However due to an increase in disussion we decided to make this expection. You ARE Allowed to discuss it IN A PRIVATE ROOM if ALL MEMBERS in that room are comfortable with the discussion AND in the event that Jagex Ban's your account WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOU CRY ABOUT IT.


===How to Spot a bot===
Elements that raise suspicion to macroing/gold farming are:
A hard to remember name with lots of random numbers or letters, often from different parts of the keyboard (e.g.: 1Ili5l w1fil)

Only one skill trained (usually woodcutting, fishing, mining, or melee combat) This can be checked by looking up the name on the hiscores, or casting Stat Spy on a suspected bot.
Are level 3, though most are higher levels (higher level macroers are more common in members worlds).

Can be a higher level with Rune chainbody, Rune legs, Adamant full helm, an abyssal whip or dragon dagger, and an anti dragon shield. These are commonly found at the Green Dragons east of Clan Wars. However, there are few still in operation.

Might have the default look (male, bald, and a dark brown goatee), although they have recently been known to diversify somewhat due to the new tutorial that does not start out with the old default look.

Are dressed in the default outfit (khaki shirt and forest green pants), or random event clothing. (With the advent of RuneScape HD, however, macroers have been found in various random colours, typically bright ones.)

May exert strange behaviour such as not being able to fish in certain spots and thus running backwards and forwards from the fishing spot (or just not interacting at all with certain spots).

Gets stuck after a door is closed, as is the case when going to mine rune essence at Aubury's in Varrock (bots run around attempting to get Aubury to teleport them, but cannot as the door is closed).

Do not respond to chat. Most bots will not respond if you say something to them. However, players who have their chat off or who are simply not looking at it, might also not respond.

Some botting scripts have an auto-talker included, but they are easily manipulated and can be used against them to determine if they're botting.

In the mining guild, anyone that mines the same coal spawn as a player may be a bot. Because of the space between coal spawns, a higher level doesn't guarantee the player will get the coal over someone else, so it is common practice to always go for open coal spawns.

Only macros and inexperienced coal miners will continually begin mining an ore even if someone else is already mining it. Macros here will most commonly be higher combat level wearing assorted expensive gear to throw off other players.

Will act oddly if a player, follower, item, or NPC is on or near the spot they are working on or moving to. Note that a player should not report other players for accidentally clicking on the players pet or following the player once, as that may be a legitimate player who made a mistake. If it happens once, try saying something to them to see if they reply, as this may mean they are not a bot.

Another good way to spot a bot is to use a teleother spell on them. Most bots do not have an option to close the teleother screen off, so using this method can be helpful in identifying bots. The only drawback, however, is that the bot needs to be accepting aid. 74 magic is a requirement before you are enabled to exploit bots through this method.

It IS now necessary for a player to check that macroers are actually using a macro before reporting them, as Jagex checks to be sure a report is true before acting on it, and a player reporting a non-macro will be punished but the false report may cause him to receive a warning, so if the player sees any of the above behaviour or any other suspicious behaviour, the player should check before reporting the suspected macro.

If an advertising bot is found, in addition to reporting it, a player can alert a moderator to come and deal with the spambot.


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